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Potty traning your pup made mess-free and hassle-free!

“Such an easy way to train your pup to pee where you want. I now put my PuppyPad outside and my pup never does his business in the house!”
Katie, Michigan

This urine pad helps thousands of dog owners in the US keep their homes clean and save money in addition. Your dog or puppy pees everywhere? Protect your floor, bed, couch or car with our Pipi Pad.

What makes our Pipi Pad the perfect urine mat for you and your loved one?

The Pipi Pad is made from a super thick soaker layer that absorbs pee as fast as a sponge and locks the liquid into place. In fact, it’s the most absorbant pee pad available. Being soft like a cloud and clearly patterned, your dog will use it naturally. 

The super strong materials are perfect for:


if you can’t go out with your four-legged friend

rainy days

if you live in a flat

in boxes

in beds

in cars

in the litter box

under feeding bowls and much more!


Forget Conventional Disposable Pads

Our pee mats are not only bigger, more absorbent and tear-proof, they are also more environmentally friendly. You no longer have to spend £40.00 a month on disposable pads that end up in trash.

You can easily clean the Pipi Pad in the washing machine and reuse it.

How Does It Work?

The PuppyPad utilises multi-layer absorption technology. This ensures that the pad is fully leak-proof – ensuring a hassle-free potty training experience!


Machine washable and reusable

High quality materials

Style: Grey; Brown; White

Size:  16 x 24 Inches / 40 x 60 cm; 28 x 32 Inches / 70 x 80 cm; 32 x 36 Inches / 80 x 90 cm


Can these be put in the dryer?

Yes, absolutely! It is suggested to use a lower temperature to help preserve the Pipi Pad. Air drying is an option as well.

Why is the Pipi Pad better than other potty training pads?

We strive to have the highest quality pet products on the market. We send out monthly customer questionnaires to gain feedback to ensure we are continually improving the design.

How can I get my dog to use the Pipi Pad?

The soft & comfortable material and the unique design helps the dog to recognise the pad once used for the first time. After 5-20 minutes after their meal, anticipate that they may need the toilet soon place them on the pad when they need to go. Treat your pup when they use the pad as this will make them more likely to repeat this positive behaviour. After a couple of times, your pup will be able to use the Pipi Pad themselves and will be trained!

Can they be used for cats and other pets?

Yes, our Pipi Pads are also very effective with cats and other animals!

Can my pet chew the PuppyPad?

No, the Pipi Pads are designed to be chew resistant to ensure you don’t have to worry about your dog digesting anything.

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