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Want to see your pet’s fur soft and shiny?
Then this grooming comb is ideal for your pet.
Just press the cleaning button to remove residual hair on the brush.  


GOOD HELPER-Every pet’s molting season or estrus period, the home will inevitably be eroded by the flying hair.

How to solve these hairs that keep floating in the air?

The automatic hair removal comb helps you to remove the floating hair on your pet in a time-saving and labor-saving manner. Reduce hair loss and knotting.

EXCELLENT DESIGNThe pet is self-cleaning and combed in soft colors, and the exquisite and elegant design will ensure that you and your pet enjoy wonderful moments.

We have launched three colors based on popular preferences: pink, gray, and green.

You can buy it according to your own preferences. The self-cleaning pet comb is suitable for pets with furs, such as dogs, cats, or rabbits.


EASY & SIMPLE CLEAN-The brush head uses a soft rubber cap to prevent static electricity and protect pet hair.

After combing the pet, just click the button to separate the fur.

You can easily remove all hairs in the brush. No additional cleaning of this automatic cleaning brush is required.

KEEP PET CLEAN & HEALTHY-Regular combing can not only remove deep knots, dead hair, and dirt.

Keep your pet clean and healthy, but also massage your pet’s body to increase the natural luster of the skin and improve its immunity.

This results in healthy, soft, and shiny hair.



Start with the neck, then back, chest, waist, abdomen, rear-drive, then comb the head, and finally the limbs and tail. After combing one side, comb the other side. You only need to move gently. You can help your pet comb the hair and let our pet enjoy a massage during the grooming period.



Material: Plastic + Stainless Steel




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