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Are you still bothered by the hard-to-tighten nuts?

🔨Multifunctional Bathroom Wrench🔨

👨🏻‍🔧80mm multifunctional bathroom faucet sink water pipe wrench, large opening adjustable wrench special repair tool.

1: Suitable for disassembly and assembly of sanitary ware, pipe nuts, etc.
2: Will not damage decorative tubes and nuts, such as gold-plated, copper, etc.
3: The handle is short, ergonomic, not easy to break, and convenient to use in small spaces.
4: Higher precision, higher flexibility and higher efficiency.
5: Made of aluminum alloy, it is with high toughness, impact resistance and durability.
Color: silver
Length: 270mm
Maximum opening: 80mm
Material: aluminum alloy(570g)
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