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Be highly visible in style!

🌟Each device has 16 ultra-bright LEDs on each side (32 total) will flash 32 different patterns🌟

Power-saving light and movement sensors conserve battery power when not in use.

Lights are controlled by riding speed, the faster you ride, the more complete and beautiful the patterns are! When the riding speed reaches 25 miles/hr, the patterns will become complete.  When you stop for a red light or a water break, the lights will turn off within 60 seconds.

Considered one of the most innovative cycling gadgets

The more colorful they are and the more patterns they have, the more heads you’ll turn. Even if they can never replace an old-fashioned headlight, they may allow you to spot smaller obstacles in the road since they are placed so close to the ground.

Easy installation with automatic on/off function!

With no additional tools required, you can install this LED bike wheel light in less than 3 minutes. Since a motion sensor controls the lights, they will only become active when you’re pedaling. The on and off button shifts the lights to auto mode. The lights will turn off automatically when the bike has stopped for more than a minute, but you can also turn them off automatically.


Includes one device. Buy two for added visibility on both wheels!

3 AAA batteries (not included) provide up to 12-15 hours runtime

Appx. 6.41″ x 1.45″ (16.5cm x 3.7cm)

Securely snaps onto spokes of a ≥ 24-inch standard bicycle wheel on the road, hybrid, or mountain bikes.

(Not suitable for bicycles with wide spokes or sparse spokes.)


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